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Posted by : RavenLynn Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Well in the next few days I'm going to be working on new "Forsaken" wear Leyla and her awesome family are getting their own sim and well we've decided to move the whole Forsaken line exclusively to that sim only so I need to beef it up a bit lol
The Sim is going to hopefully be up in a week (crosses fingers for Leyla)

The sucky part being that the things I am working on will not be released until then I'll be posting sneak peeks ^_^ but they will be available to buy the day the Forsaken Sim does it's grand opening.

There will be a freebie bag as well for men and women only on that day!
Lots to do, tonight was a bit of a burnout night for me nyah I'm fighting a cold thats pullin on my tail to get a hold of me so keep your fingers crossed that doesn't happen :P

Anyhoo this the first lil peek worked on some Forsaken PANTSU!!! (panties)
I even made a cute lil panty tube XD and(drum roll) if you buy the Pantsu Basket with all 8 colors its 50% off the price if you'd buy them all individual and you get a cute lil basket to boot.

anyway enjoy I'm calling it a night early to get some rest CAN NOT GET SICK!
oh on another note LVS is trying to raise money to buy a new bigger better location.. more on that later :)

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