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Posted by : RavenLynn Saturday, September 09, 2006

Yup I've made the decision to buy a bigger piece of land for LVS ,the store is
rapidly growing out of the land we have now XD

Soooo here in the next few days I'm going to be making the Cute-Tees Cutie's part of project : Find LVS a new home lol!

Or do a special item you get if you donate :)Need to get with my favorite furry scripter and see what he can come up with for me as far as distribution.

I hate uprooting every couple of months but I've been noticing that this particular sim has a new neighbor who has a club who unfortunately, do to sim limits locks out my customers at times and that's no good :(

Soo yeah and a friend who I was fussin to about the whole issue (who doesn't play SL to often so kindly donated her SL money to the project) so rt now project: Find LVS a new home has 485 L (lol it's a start, thank you Shaylar!)
goal is around 65k that's around what I'm seeing the land I'm wanting for soooo yeah ^_^
Good things to come I hope ^_^

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