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Posted by : RavenLynn Thursday, October 05, 2006

This is out in stores now a lil history on the name because I'm sure some of you are going, say what?

A few years back I was lucky enough to befriend a sweet girl from San Antonio both of our Spanish at the time was a bit shotty at best lol* but we could communicate through our bad pronunciation regardless. Anyway she was blessed with a baby boy around about Oct and I snuck around and prepared a babyshower for her at work the week of Halloween. So there we all are opening baby gifts (at the time the Dr had told her it was going to be a girl *beep* boy was he wrong literally) so amist the ruffles and pink were a slew of goblins,ghosties,cat ppl and other scaries. At this point she's crying and laughing and turns to be and meaning to call me a *bruja (witch in Spanish) it comes out Broo-haha amist all the giggling. So this is in honor of her wherever she is now ^_^ and an o' to a very old nickname * hops along humming Broo-haha ,Broo-haha

pfft forgot the news
as of Thursday Ravenlynn is a full-time designer for SL yay *hugs self* a big thank you to guys because with out the awesome support from you I wouldn't be able to have this opp to do this
besos beso

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