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Posted by : Raven Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Hello Everyone!
Just a catch up to a few things that are going on, will be going on, and things that are back.Big Sales and free stuff coming!

::The Movie Theater::
I have been receiving some note cards from people asking where the theater went that we had up during Halloween, at the time we were unable to keep it running,only a few ppl were visiting us at a time and we hadn't quite decided if we were going to bull doze the sim and do a fully functioning commercial sim, or keep it as it was and have some residents with us to.
Well we finally came to a decision that Cassiopeia Square would be a full commercial sim and so with that the Theater is bringing brought back!

Starting tonight at 7pm SLT we will be showing at the new "Cassiopeia Beach Shack Movie Theater" Pirates of the Caribbean 3 I'll be there so if your on give me a hollar and ill drag you over. Eventually we will have free movie tshirts and fun stuff so just bare with us as we get ready!
So don't forget 7pm slt PIE-RATS!

Retirement Sales
Retirement Sales are still going on!
LVs & Co is having the 50% retirement sale of selected items (located in the store)
and last night we were moving boxes and hanging up signs for the Neko Dreams 50% retirement sale that is located on the Cassiopeia Square Event Stage.
Items have been changed to no transfer since these pieces will be deleted after the sales are over so get over there ! woot woot

New Stores

Brand new at the Cassiopeia Square is the Neko Dreams Superstore, it is up and running, here in two weeks we'll be doing a big blow out with new items,give aways, concerts, so be sure and head over there and click Saur Holts Subscribeomatic so you dont miss out on the giveaways,new items, and fun events that will be going on!

Lollipop Shop changing into FIRST LOOK
It had originally been my attention to shut down the Lollipop shop down after the new year but the feedback has been so great from new members or just ppl who don't have a big fun income in sl so we've decided to turn Lollipop into a full time shop,and for those of you who have rememeberd way back when I had a line branded First Look of affordable items for new members,well Lollipop has been moved into a bigger location and in the next few weeks new items will be placed in the store, more dollar bees, freebies, and stuff for new members or for just anyone ^_^and the new store will be listed under First Look.

<50% on NekoTail goodies>

And last but not least dont forget the NekoTails character tees & word tees are half off right now, some even more of a discount .

so lots going on, lots going to be happening!
Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday
see you tonight at the movies
<3 RL

Cassiopeia Beach Movie Shack SLURL

Neko Dreams 50% retirement sale SLURL

Neko Dreams Main Store SLURLLVs & Co 50% retirment sale SLURL

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