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Posted by : Raven Monday, February 18, 2008

I've had a few random ims asking what happened to the top floor of LVS & Co this was the furniture and animation floor, after alot of thinking, and some talking with my devil , I came to the conclusion I would pull all the misc stuff from LVS & Co and focus entirely on clothing, I did however leave the cuddle blankets those are located in the lingerie part of the upstairs. Things were just getting a bit to cluttered and I think I was losing alot of the focus of LVS with dipping into all kinds of things, which is by no means bad but just at this time I think it best to pull away from that stuff and focus on the clothing.

In the next few days you will be seeing alot of new formal wear, and some new designs for the My Dead Kitty branch

I did not delete the furniture or poses from the grid, so who knows maybe later down the road a LVS furniture store will be opened away from the main store, never know what the future holds :)


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