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Posted by : Raven Friday, April 25, 2008

We are trying something new at the events, me and my family have been having buckets of fun with the 7 seas fishing game, so we decided to throw it into the ren fest and offer two special items. During the event while myself and Saur Holt owner and designer of Passionate Neko Dreams are online we will pick a random fish for 2 hrs, ie:green turtle. Anyone, who reels in the green turtle in the two hrs that we are there with you fishing get's the outfit the type of fish belongs to. Only rule, we have to be present.No bringing in fish bowls from home now :P
And after the two hrs are up, the fish changes.. and the game starts over again, theres no limit to how many ppl can get the outfit, so just because, Joe Fishermen pulls in a turtle before you dont worry, long as its in the 2hrs you and everyone else who catches the lucky fish, can grab the outfit to ^_^
Below is the outfit for LVS &CO

For those of you who really aren't into the Ren Fest theme items, thats ok we've done a few items that are just spring-summer fun.

Be sure and walk throughout the whole sim for all the dollar goodies, take a peek inside the hobbit house right across from Enchanted for hidden goodies as well ^_^

I'm sure Im going to miss some items so be sure and head down to the square for the week long event :))
Here are some more of the items that can be found at the ren fest.Be sure and walk around the whole sim, and even inside some stores :))

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