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Posted by : Raven Thursday, May 15, 2008

For those of you who know me, know I am not one to ask for help, I have always done things on my own, if they can't be done then perhaps they were not ment to be.

For the first time in my three year membership in SL I am asking for help for something personal, for someone who means alot to me.

I moved away from home a year and half ago, I have never been away from my family, family has been all I've really had for all of my 31 years growing up in a poor family environment, we didn't have alot of money, so all we had was each other.

Moving here has been one of the hardest things in my life for me, yes there are phonecalls, emails, but its not the same, I'm alone here in my new home, and though I am with another family, it's not my family.It's not the same.

All that I have really had to help me cope this past year and half have been my cats,they are more then pets, they are more then family, they, and to some of you this may seem silly, and just absurd, but they have helped me day to day to get past the loneliness, past some of the hardtimes,and make it one more day forward.

Yes I do have friends here, friends that mean the world to me,friends that I love with all my heart, but on the nights after we have all said goodnight and the day has ended.My cats have been here with me to help me make it through the rest o fthe night,and though they listen silently,because thats all that God allows them to do, that sometimes is all a heart needs sometimes.

A few months ago, Phoebe, my youngest,I thought had become pregnant, we patiently waited, watched her tummy get larger,and watched what we thought,her go through the levels of her labor. Monday we thought she was preparing for kittens, Tuesday we grew a lil concerned, because nothing was happening, but she was bleeding and having other symptoms, and going through what we thought were contractions, Wednesday we became very worried and rushed her to the vets clinic.

We were informed by the vet, that Phoebe had infact never been expecting kittens, that she instead had a female cat disease called Pyrometritus, and it was so severe at this point, she may not make it through the night.

We have been able to come to an agreement with the vet clinic to postpone the bill for her surgery in hopes we can raise some money . Her whole surgery is going to cost us 2600.00 usd if their are no complications and she can come home right away. As of 10pm tonight she has had her surgery, and is at the vets at this very moment resting. But between my dr bills this past month,and more that will be following and now hers, I am in a situation where I am please asking for help.

Anything you can contribute..every lil bit I can gather, everything will be going to help pay her bills.My partner,the wonderful man he is, will be helping by making items to raise money for her fundraiser,and of course I will be doing the same.
We placed a fundraiser meter in the ground level of lVS&CO I honestly didn't know what to set the meter to, there is no goal, help is help. You can't put a tag on that.
Again you don't know me on a personal level, I kn ow for some of you , your thinking she's just a pet,an animal,there are far more important things to worry about. But for me,for me she's much more, I've raised her since she was a kitten, so even though this is putting myself in an extreme financial burden, there was no other alternative.I couldnt lose her,not when I was being given a chance to do something.

If you've read this far, thank you.
Your time alone means alot to me
please keep us both in your thoughts.

Phoebe is now back home with me, after talking to the surgeon, he said the surgery couldn't have gone more smoothly. However Phoebe had the most severe case of this that he had ever seen, and we were both lucky that we had decided to bring her in when we did. Of course she can no longer have kittens, but that she will live a very healthy life after she mends, and of course takes all of her medication for the next two weeks.
To all of you who have donated and continue to donate thank you so much.
I will of course keep you updated on Phoebe's condition and when she's up to it, place a new picture of her so she can proudly show all her recovery glory.

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