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Posted by : Raven Thursday, July 31, 2008

Those who know me know how I hate two things in sl.. and still get forced to use them.. one being vendors*bleh* and two being teleporters >.<
But I think I finally figured something out..did few renovations at LVS , took out the catwalk and put in a front desk,behind the desk theres a big teleport wall
with all the buttons of the other floors.. ie..enchanted..second floor..and coming soon.Nocturne.. All you have to do is push the button once.. to activate it.. then once again to zoom off.. and it even prompts you..

Ok two.. for those of you who missed it last week.. LVs & Co is bringing a new
establishment into Cassiopeia Isle .."The Grotto" the Grotto will be a vip night club in wording only. This is basically where LVS or any vendor within Cassi can have a small event during the month (does not include the big event) and do something special for their group members.

LVS will be holding random dj events..at the end of the dj set..(1-2hrs long) a limited edition gown will be unveiled for 10min..anyone who is able to get to The Grotto at that time is able to purchase the gown .After the 10 min are up the dj will give a warning and the gown will be picked up and destroyed from the grid :D

The Grotto at the moment is currently closed.. the grand opening of the Grotto will be at the huge event this month for Cassi "Pirate Day Event and Masquerade Ball"
Where that Sunday a huge ball will take place where ..so far confirmed.. 10 limited edition LVS gowns will be unveiled.. One gown from Sy Designs will be unveiled.Only available that night for the ball.

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