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Posted by : Raven Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello everyone.. dont know if you remember the gold dress that was suppose to go to one lucky person during the ball..well me being in and out of the drs and hospital cancled that as you know..
Today your kitty has been unfortunally dealing with all the after pain healing stuff...so hasn't been a great day, but I've had a chance to speak to a few of you, and all your warm wishes and kind words made me decide to release the gold dress this weekend..
Saturday and Sunday only..You can pick up the gold gown for only 100L after that I'm putting it on regular price which will be 600..
I'll be sitting on the stairs for a bit talking to a few of you so by all means come say hello..tell me any costume ideas you may have...
Just my way of saying thank you guys for all your love and support..

update on gown database error:Hello Ladies...

For those of you who purchased Chelesea and are having the database issues..
I did send off a ticket to LL and as I expected as usual,their answer to all issues is reset your cache...which..of course..does not work.
Instead of waiting for them to fix this promblem,which will take who knows how long, I searched for the textures and just rebuilt the gown prims for you guys, now the back bow puff maybe a lil different..just a tiny bit, if at all.
But the gown prims do work just come to LVS and go to the service desk the box is there just purchase for OL.

Again my apologies guys this I guess is something that is happening to alot of ppl,I am on and off today if you have any more questions please send me notecards, unfortunally Im still not well so I'm slowly walking between my office and bed.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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