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Posted by : Raven Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello everyone just wanted to give you an update on how yours truly is doing.

Last Saturday my family had to take me to the hospital because the pain I had had during the event came back,and they finally confirmed that I do have a kidney stone,not a kidney infection. So they redid my meds and have me on a boatload of water T,T and I go back to the drs on Tuesday so they can evaulate me again..

So please keep your fingers crossed for me that all this is over soon and I can be back buzzing around like normal.

I did put out two things I had in my inventory today..
the blue gown that was never released for the event and a wedding gown style someone had requested..
The other items from the pirate event will be put back out to purchase even though they will be regular priced..just takes me alot longer to do things for obvious reasons..
My time in sl.. is limited to only a few minutes at time.. smiles
so please be patient with me just a bit longer.

But thank you again everyone for all the notecards and well wishes..
they've ment alot to me..



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