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Posted by : Raven Tuesday, September 02, 2008

I want to apologize to everyone about the event this weekend.
Saturday night during the beginning of the dj event I began having
extremly intense pains, we thought they were merely muscle spasms,on my left side,again I know i was speaking with some of
you at the time I'm sorry i had to suddenly disspear on you.
The pain just intensified the remainder of the night until the net morning when my family had to drive me to the emergency
after hr care. The drs released me after 6hrs of ivs.tests.xrays and other fun things, and they are currently
treating me for both a kidney infection, and possiably a kidney stone.
Please have paitence with us I promise the ball will go on as planned but unfortunally becauase of the drugged stupor I'm in 23 hrs of the day it may be postponed for a bit.

Any new vendors who need to be added to the LVS sim you can contact my fiance Mesostopheles Gascoigne
and he can add you to the group

IF you are a customer with an issue, please just send me as detailed of a card as youcan and I will try to reach each of you as quickly as possiable.

-To my wonderful vendors, thank you much for your hard work this weekend, please pick up your items I will be having meso come through and delete the tables soon..
Ty again guys for all your hard work

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