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Posted by : Raven Saturday, October 04, 2008

Morning all!
I forgot to put these out last night.. I'm going to be working on costumes today and some other things so please by all means send me those costume requests!!!

And before I unveil them I just have a lil to say about the Gag Costumes.. these are 99% prim costumes,which means when you walk or dance yes your lil bum may stick out etc..I did my best to
get the prims though so they dont do that...These are fun..gag..
costumes not to me taken seriously..hence why they are only a dollar..
I had the unfortunate mishap yesterday while speaking with some of my vendors to overhear someone in the graveyard commenting on how
these were total crap..and they wouldnt waste their dollar on them..

Now instead of being pouty and upset..which I was for a second..Im leaving it up to you guys..weither or not the Gag Costumes continue or not..
Having said that these two will be the last two until I get the feed back on them.

these are couple gag costumes..these are the only costumes
that are transfer that way you can give the other to your partner..
And like the other Gag costumes they are only a 1L

Now some other quick things..I am going to try a new lil project, if you've been in the store you've seen it.we have a "put us in your pick" get a reward poster up. I will be working on that item sometime today, it takes a lil while for you to register us in the picks, so if your intersted do it early,can't miss its by the front table :)

And we put in a Xstreet terminal (slexchange) today at the front door,for just as much for me as for you guys, so if your looking for one you can swing by and use ours..

ill be talking to you guys later today

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