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Posted by : Raven Thursday, October 02, 2008

I finally got my SL brother to get off his lazy bum and help
So after grumbling about how the guys didnt have hardly any graveyard gifties yet..and nothing in the lucky chair..blah blah..
He got of his tuff and made a few things..

And said maybe he'd help from now on for events..rolls eyes..
its a start..family what can I say..

In the lucky chair a set of four tshirt costumes for the guys..

And planted in the graveyard

3 movie tshirts he actually owns in rl..I've seen them..course these are in better condition XD and 3 more Halloween tshirts..

now these tees are not unisex..they have male shading..so drag your bfs over if they over fuss about never having any dollarbees or prizes

More regular costumes coming..I got requests!!
And more Gag costumes!
Hope you guys are having fun

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