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Posted by : Raven Saturday, October 04, 2008

Ok you guys we are going to try out this lil
pick reward thing for the month of October.

This is how it works..if you don't already have LVS & Co in your picks.. head down to the store..and add to your "my picks" by clicking new.

It takes a few days for it to register..however if you already have had us in your my picks..you can just click on the reward box and bam.you have the Reward Gown for October..

(the reward box is the box with this picture on it )

If this is popular.. I'll be doing a gown a month..
These are free guys..they arent even 1L long as you have me in your picks..

And you have the whole month to get this..but, once the month is over..poof goes the gown ;)

Hope you enjoy...

I present to you.. the first gown.. in the line of many I hope..

October Rust

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