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Posted by : Raven Friday, October 10, 2008

First though let me explain OctoberPalooza..

This is a month long event..which means..pretty much you need to keep coming back, if not every day every other day..The vendors are hard at work, to bring you the longest event the only way Cassi-Square knows how!
There are three graveyards..yes three ladies.. now each graveyard should have its on unique prizes :D And in each of the corners you will find special Halloween vendors from some of the designers who call Cassi home..So be sure and check those out :D
theres tons of lil pumpkins out there!
Plus dollarbees inside their stores as well!

Also we have the haunted prize maze...(wiggles fingers) which in all honesty a blind man could find these prizes easy easy.. you know me and hiding stuff..don't quite have the knack for it yet ;)

And the bobbing for apple games are popping up..there are some goofy prizes in there but there will also be some more LVS prizes to being dunked in there.and the best part..the game is free!
So check it out :D

(theres also a cute halloween bean bag in there to no pic yet..vendor is working on it :D)

I also just set out a Midnight Madness vendor.
Every day the number will go up,we are starting at 100! All you have to do is come click the
vendor to be registered to win the prize. If at midnight the target number is reached everyone who clicked the vendor will get that item for free.
The catch though is once the number is reached the vendor locks, so you have to hurry and come touch it:D
This is the item inside the vendor for Octoberpalooza!
This will not be sold outside of the midnight madness vendor so grab it guys :)

*my daughter Irelynd Serpente is infront of the vendor modeling now if you'd like to take a look see
she's afk so poke her and hug her and all that fun stuff ;)*

ok last but not least..the costumes released today for Octoberpalooza
send me those requests! Im still working on them!

'If you see me running around setting up stuff by all means come say hi guys
tell me your costume suggestions..
I have a suggestion list with only four costumes on it.I needs more!!
And like I said there are more prizes coming..I still have quite a few
dumped across my workshop
so keep coming back!

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