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Posted by : Raven Tuesday, December 09, 2008

First,the pick rewards gown for Dec is out, now please remember
because LVS moved, your picks has to be redone,why I sent out that notice on Monday,the Dec gown will be
left out a lil longer because of this, so no worries about time in getting it.

Just be sure you are not hidden in search.
Delete and then redo your :picks: and in a day or two you should be good to go.

2nd gown-Toys for Tots fundraiser gown, don't know if everyones noticed that the Toys for Tots fundraiser
boxes were set out in the sim Sunday Night, like previous years we are trying to give
the Toys for Tots Marine Fundraiser a donation this year to help buy gifts for children.

This year Lvs and Lynx teamed up to bring you a special gown, all proceeds of the gown go
directly to Toys for Tots.
We even had the piggybank avie (that I control) set it out.

Christmas Wish includes a silver necklace complete with a tiny gift charm
and the Christmas Wish Gown, with furry cuffs and neck collar,pieces of the gown even have a soft glow.
The gown is 800L and will not be offered to purchase in the store .
It's part of the Princess Couture Line, so if you are a fan of that line, you will deft like this gown :) and of course it's for
a good cause.

(To purchase the gown just click on the huge poster next to the gown catalog flipper outside the store)



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