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Posted by : Raven Saturday, February 14, 2009

First I want to apologize to anyones whose been trying to get a hold of me since wednesday afternoon,I came down with a bad case of the flu and have been sick in bed :( a family member was nice enough to let me borrow his laptop to at least make a post and to let me check my email and let everyone know whats going on.
I will try and get in touch with everyone as soon as I am feeling up to it,right now,doing things like taking a shower and even typing this is pretty much the extent of my energy.

And second,I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines, The Pampered Puss opening obvioiusly will be delayed until I can come back,again my apologies..

And to my special Valentine..whose been having to put up with me being all
snotty and sick..
I love you baby
Happy Valentines Day

u rz my valentine teddeh forevah!
your kitty

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