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Posted by : Raven Friday, March 20, 2009

Today is the First day of Spring, and even though its still cold in my part of the real world T.T We are going to pretend otherwise :D

The items are spread across the sim,not hidden,just in different areas :) Be sure and visit all the vendors as well, never know what lil prize maybe tucked away in a store ^_^

Be sure and visit's Granny's Potting Shed!

More coming so be sure and visit us throughout the weekend, including the grand opening of the Bunny Ranch ^_^

Over 30 bees around the sim right this sec,so whatcha waiting for!
Here are all the LVS & Co dollarbees,just one thing,pls dont im me asking me where they are lol,;)When Im on the sim its really easy for me to tell you, but when Im outside and get the ims via email,I cant remember for the life of me XD

Simplicity-The Empire Waists of last year are coming back \O/
Simplicity comes in 6 colors, and with each dress you get the flower bonnet
You actually get 4 flower bonnets each with a different hair color (red,blonde,mocha and black)

Get ready to dig!
kAwAii has a few goodies in the Spring Fling this time, First up the Garden Belt!
Has you ready to go dig in the dirt ^_^oo(My jar of dirt!)
Garden belt comes with seeds,flowerpots,garden tools,flowers,flower keychain and just
a whole lot of fun <3

Peeper Pack! I know its a lil early, this actually came about because me and my buddy Fred aka Frederic Prevost were discussing our obession with Peepers,not to eat..just to have XD Yeah I know lol
Be prepared for more Peeper items next month..

Nana's Favorite Girl-Flowy lil Spring Dress complete with straw hat,comes in 7 colors..Be sure and run around barefoot for full effect ;)

Spring Fling Flowers from kAwAii!
Told you kAwAii had a bit in Spring Fling,these big old flowers are only 10 prims a piece,they come with 3 different poses,no pose balls though!
Just sit on the flower and focus eitheron the stem,the potted soil or the pot itself ^_^

Spring Fling Tube Top and belted skirt!
I remember how popular these sets were last year, so you will be seeing lots more of these for the warmer months coming up soon.
Comes in 6 colors,top is on shirt base so it is tattoo friendly ,mix match wear with jeans ^_^

My Dead Kitty introduces a new SkellaBuddeh!
Meet the Bunneh Buddeh,Only for a short time will these variations be only 1L
then they will return to regular price.Even SkellaNeko got in the act and is being helpful and holding an umbrella for you while your about and about hunting ^_^

Spring Fling Dollies!
Bright Fun Colors 6 in all..Comes with an Easter Basked,prim collar and sleeves,flexi petticoat,sculpted bows..
More dollies are coming, I've had a few of you ask when Im going to stock up the Dollhouse,Actually that is on my list for the next few weeks,so keep your eyes open for that but enjoy these for now ^_^

I'm sure I missed something,proably alot of somethings,so be sure and head over and take a peek ^_^
More things are coming,and don't forget Saturday is the grand opening of the Bunny Ranch and there will be a special dollarbee for tommorow for the club as well!
Hope Everyone has a wonderful weekend!
And I'll see you at LVS Drive mwha!

See ya there

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