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Posted by : Raven Friday, April 10, 2009

Hey you guys its Easter Weekend,and it's time for the Monthly Event!

These are also the LVS DRIVE VEndors who have confirmed to have hidden prize eggs inside their stores!
Some more then one!
Sher's Cottage Garden
U&R Dogs
Luxurious World
Kitten'z Korner
Sondra's Creations
Extreme Makeover Shapes

vendors who have been added tonight
Paige's Gift Shop
B&T Atelier

*****Lynx 50% of sale!****
Thats right all jewelry is half off regular price this weekend!
So if you've had your eye on one of the neko collars,or piercings get over to the store and grab those gifts ;)

*Does not include the brand new release today*
male and female versions

The Bunny Ranch Bunnies!
The LVS DRIVE Bunny Girls are going to be helping out in the event this month,they
have special prizes to give out if you can find the lucky bunny girl!
This Starts on Sat!
*Starting Sat the Bunny Girls will walk around the sim..if you find one and wish the right bunny girl a Happy Easter you'll get a prize!*
From Candy..to Swag Hats,a carrot umbrella or easter basket ^_^

LVS Gold Egg Hunt
7 large gold eggs have been hidden in the LVS Drive SIM
can you find them all to find the prizes?
(pls do not im me asking me where they are part of fun is to find them yourself!)

Join us for the Bunny Picnic!
We've have tons of dollarbees,hunts,free prizes,giveaways all kinds of stuff!

And as always the Easter dollies and dresses for this year..all 1L placed around the sim :)
Sweet Spring

Happy Day

Bunny Girl-ears and tail included!

And a Special Goodie for all the Mommies and Daddies
If you catch me and Baby Isabella roaming around the sim this easter weekend,and you wish Isabella a
Happy First Easter she'll give you this nursery gift..
By all means Babies are welcome! Just keep in mind,Isabella is a baby so she won't be with me all the time, so keep your eyes open!

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