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Posted by : Raven Thursday, May 21, 2009

Homeward Bound

I've had a few frantic ims and notecards..asking if this goodbye for good..
I'm not leaving forever guys..At this point though.. I don't know how long
its going to take me to get my internet back up..and of course I will be wanting to spend some time just with my family..so don't worry..this isnt a goodbye..
this is just me saying..come June 1st..Ill be away on a holiday for a few weeks..
But I will be coming back..that you can bet your chickens on ;)

For some of us there comes a time when we find ourselves at a crossroads in our life,
and these are the times,for some of us,the best thing is to find our way back home.
To breathe..and to start over..to patch ourselves back up.

At the end of the month I will be doing just that..heading home..to be with my immediate family
my mom and dad..my brothers..my nephews and trying to find what I've felt I've lost along the way.
And how and what I want in my future.

So me.my trusty cat..my computers and books and clothes..will be traveling across the country back home.

Homeward Bound event is to help me and my Beanie cat..get back on our feet.
We'll need a few normal human and well feline things till we can get our internet back up
and start working again.

✖ So we've put the entire store on 50%
theres tons of dollar items..a few freebies,and a donation bucket for those who'd like to help us out
and more coming!

✖ This is a two week long event..
And we are working on more items as we speak..

Ty guys for supporting lvs..and me during this time.
And now..to all the goodies that our out right now!

The Dollarbees
These are regular items making their debut as dollar items!
So run and get them now while their only a dollar :D

A 1L gift from Isabella

You can tell shes her mothers daughter ;)
Isabella is giving away a whole pool
complete with floaties..a caterpilla sprinkler
poses..a sunbathing towel..
and a swimming area suitable for your lil one to..
Just find us hanging out at the pool and click on the LVS Baby bag and its yours!
How simple is that..
Babies are welcome to hang out with Bella ^_^

LVS Lucky Cupcake!
We has a cupcake..
Come take a nibble..and you can get one of these two necklaces..

Kawaii Cupcake Gem necklace and braclet sets...
Just the first additon..of Kawaii's gem necklaces
For the event only..1L
Get them before they go regular price

✖ The Whole Store is 50%✖
Even the new release..
★★★★★Garden Flora★★★★

::New Releases:
Gem and Daisies Necklace--100L each

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