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Posted by : Raven Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hey you guys just a quick update.. I am alive
I made it safely to Texas in one piece me and beanie are doing great.
The internet siuation isnt so great, unfortunally the only opition we have out here is getting internet through verizion and it has a cap..so for now Im pretty much going to be out of pocket..I am designing though I am able to do that on the side, and once my sister in law goes back to work and the computers are free at their house you'll be seeing ALOT of me
Till then lil popping in and popping out in lil time frames.
So no worries..but their will be a BIG release of products coming when I do get back..
Don't forget the stores are still set at 50% off and all that money literally is being dumped into getting me and beanie things we need..
Right now im sitting at a lil coffee table because we have no desk..we did get a bed so yay for that!

Hopefully Ill be able to release a few things in a week..I will be heading over to watch the mini me's of my brother in the morning hrs!
But love and miss you all!
Keep me in your thoughts

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