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Posted by : RavenLynn Saturday, October 31, 2009

They decided to make their debut,this Halloween Eve the 7 Sins Princess's in their 7 special gowns. And as a gesture of good will,at least in their eyes,they are making the gowns available to you!
So without further adieu I present to you the 7 Sin Princess's

Wrath-The fiercest Princess in all the 7 sins Court, Princess Wrath makes her entrance onto the floor wearing a gown of striking red and black. The bodice fitted snuggly to her torso with red and black embroidery and lace frame the sensual curves as she stands in the center of the room slowly scanning all those who have come to join the festivities. The black lace collar accents the graceful curve of the neck while soft red feathers sway with each step. Let everyone know your there to make a statement if you add Princess Wrath's gown to your closet.

Vanity-The Princess of Vanity, a beauty amongst beauties, though no need to tell her, because our dear Vanity already knows. She drowns in her sea of mirrors, in love with her reflection, in love with herself blind to all else but what she sees starting back at her. Lost in the corner amongst her mirror she twirls and spins admiring her gown of deepest purple and black satin. As she dances with herself the diamonds upon her gown sparkle and twinkle like the star she is. While the satin embroidery of roses and vines hugs her bust and the silky ribbons keep her corset snug against her body. Be the beauty of the ball as you slip into Vanity's silk gown tonight.

Sloth- Dear Dear Princess Sloth, we had such a hard time convincing her that she had to be the one to post for her own portrait to display her beautiful gown. And alas a portrait with a single tear from the Princess after we made her stand still for a moment to capture her beauty. The most pampered of the Princess's, treat yourself to the lovely gown of Princess Sloth. The deep blue's of the sea has been captured in the silks that drape and swirl in the gown, you will be lost in the beauty and the detail of the gown and so shall anyone who lays their eyes on you.

Lust-Our smoldering Princess Lust, she hungers, drowning in her own world of flames, concerned only in what pleases her, both physically and mentally. Never satisfied our Princess stalks the room searching for her next flame to feed her own fire. The glittering gown glowing like a jeweled fire the red velvet whispering across the floor. Are you daring enough to slip into the Princess Lust gown, with the scandalous dipping neckline framed by sparkling lace and sequins. The faint of heart neat not apply.

Greed- And last but of course not least, Our Princess Greed. As much of a handful as our Princess Gluttony we had to explain to our lovely princess that you can not construct a gown of pure gold and think you can dance and frolic around the ballroom all night, goodness me no. So though a little more understanding then Gluttony, but not by much, we flew in the most extravagant gold silks and sequins and ribbons to create a gown fit for a Princess in love with all things that sparkle and shine. Princess Greed's gown is not for everyone, with the princess's permission we decided to bring to you and to her of course, a new style of ball gown. But as with all the gowns, they will make you a Princess of any ball.

Gluttony-Princess Gluttony, does she surprise you? She surprised us, as we came to the realization that our Princess Gluttony is the most lavish of all the Princess's. We were informed, there was not enough silk in the gowns, not enough gems, not enough flowers, oh me oh my. Not enough at all. She will catch your eye because she is a beauty, a gem in her own right; she believes it is her right to have more and more of whatever she deems she needs at the moment. We were able to convince her to allow us to remove a few layers of silk and diamonds so she may move around and grace everyone with her presence. We couldn't wheel her around all day now could we? For those ladies who love the feel of pink satin at your fingertips, and desire to be adorned with roses and gems. The Princess Gluttony gown will most defiantly find a place in your closet.

Envy- Our dear dear Princess Envy, brooding in the corner of the ballroom, draped in sparkling emeralds and beautiful green silks. She is jealous, she is wanting. So much so she does not see her own beauty, her own worth. And because of this spends the night a dark cloud amongst a festive gala. Make others envy you as you dance the night away in the deepest greens and silks of Princess Envy's gown, the high collar and gemmed collar dripping royalty and mystery as you dance the night away.

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