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Posted by : "The Red Headed Spaz"October Fall Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A small update on Ravey.

I spoke with her this afternoon , or rather she squeaked and typed while I spoke.And her voice is coming back, but as I said, it's more of a squeak that goes in and out.

She did speak to her doctor,or well ,via her mom she spoke to her doctor.And he told her not to worry,as long as she's not running a fever,or her runny nose isn't running different colors,there is no reason to be alarmed,or need for another doctor's visit. She just needs plenty of rest,and to drink lots of liquids. Apparently there was a lecture in there about stress,and he even suggested some exercises and techniques to help her out.

I'm going to look for a yoga book for her once I'm done with this post to nudge her along.

I'm sure some of you have seen her on briefly.. So be sure and give her your well wishes, some good vibes will do her good :) She's having a really rough time right now.

Now on to why Rave hired me!

LvS & Co is preparing the lingerie department early this year for Valentine's Day.

If you haven't heard selected pieces have been placed on clearance at 50L and will be removed at the end of the month.

A Special edition lingerie gift was placed out today.

And is available till the end of February 2010.

Lovey Dovey is a sweet sheer heart stitched design top and pantie set paired with a matching sculpted chest bow.

It's available at cost, which means it's only 20L.

Be sure and join the Lvs & Co update hippo group while your at LVS, its free,doesn't take up a group space. And I'll let you in on a secret,this weekend LVS & Co will be releasing a limited edition gown of only 30. That means only 30 members will get a chance of owning this gown in all of Second Life! Don't miss out.

Also new to the store...

-Be Mine Teddy-

Be cute and sexy every day of the year for your sweetheart. Be Mine teddy comes in 6 yummy colors,pick yours, or his favorite and surprise him tonight.

Be Mine Teddy includes teddy top and bottom.

-Lace Dreams-

Simply because garters are sexy,especially when Lvs pairs them with beautiful black lace.

Lace Dreams comes with bra,panties,and two garter choices.

Lace Dreams comes in 6 soft colors.


One of the many things that Lvs has become known for is the use of deep dark rich fabrics. Seductive delivers 6 lacy garter lingerie pieces in the luxurious colors you love to choose from.

Seductive includes. Bra,panties and two garters.

-Sweetest Kiss-

There always has to be at least one piece in the LVS & Co lingerie line that is both soft and sexy.

And comes in one option of yellow.Sweetest Kiss Baby Doll brings the sweet flow of it's sheer fabric and dainty lace to you in 5 color options.

Sweetest Kiss comes with 2 bra choices,matching pantie and baby doll gown prims.

To see all the colors and styles of lingerie that LvS &Co has to offer visit the main location today in world.

SLURL available at the bottom of the website.

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