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Posted by : RavenLynn Monday, June 14, 2010

Match your Mommy..or wear just by yourself :))if your an adult..


Seraphina Angel and Seraphina Angel Girl are two very special items.
Made with my rl moms help (suggesting colors,fabrics etc)
This is proably one of the biggest and unique sets we've done as of yet.

Each gown set is sold seperate.
So if you don't have a sl daughter,or sl mother you can still purchase the gown for yourself and enjoy
fluttering around sL as a Spring Angel.

It will only be available for a lil over 24 hrs, I was going to start this at midnight but I'm coming
down with a cold so I want to make sure this is up and running before I go to bed.
The Vendors will shut down by themselves at midnight tommorow.
Once that happens these gowns will NEVER be sold again.

Why not a limited number?
Well I didn't want those who are buying sets,for one mother daughter couple not end up with out a matching set because they sold out , or a nonfamily customer be left out of being able to purchase these gowns because they ran out .
So we are trying this way instead :) Again for the first time.
We will see how this formula works, if its better then the limited number, we'll do this from now on.

Again after midnight tommorow, this gown will be removed from the grid.
Like all limited edition gowns,they are each 600L copy/mod

Now this is what each set includes!
Seraphina Angel Girl (little Girl Version)

gown prims
sleeves with ribbons
hair flowers
child pose
(if your mom purchases the adult version hers come with a pose that can be combined with yours and a special garden photo backdrop)

gown prim pieces are mod,with eithe resize script, or mod perms.

Seraphina Angel (adult version)

Gown Prims (2) one for regular wear,and one for pose set
Angel Pose Tree
Angel Pose Background Garden Set
Angel Fluttering butterfly (click to animate)

gown prim pieces are mod,with eithe resize script, or mod perms.

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