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Posted by : RavenLynn Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hello Everyone!
I have been putting The Dollhouse on the sidelines for awhile.
I know bad kitty!
But in the next few weeks the plan is to bring in lots of new dollies!
All hand drawn and with extra special detail.

New today is Gothy Chill

3 tier dollie petticoat with bows
glitch panties
flare sculpted cuffs (2)
chest bows (2)

And next is a special donation dollie.

For those of you who didn't know this past year has been a hard one
a lot of personal changes, moves and all things that have to be done
when you begin a new life.

During that time I have had to move home, to a small town, where there is
literally no job market, and sl has become my entire income.

Any extra money I do have I give to my parents, who themselves have been going
through hard times as well.Which helps with food and other things they need.

During this time, we have learned that our family pet, who has been with me
since I graduate High school (yes she is that old) Can no longer eat properly
because she has literally lost all her teeth but her 4 canine.

Luckily we found that she is able to eat canned food since it is so soft and doesn't require chewing, but, it is an expense my parents cannot afford at this time.

So I am asking for help from you my loyal customers.
Every purchase of this dollie goes into the Doggy Jar Fund for Mina
to help purchase food for her .
We believe she is enjoying her last days with us,she has slowed down now,no longer runs like she use to, and we would like to make sure her last days with us our enjoyable ones.

The Dollhouse For Mina Doll will be available for a limited time.
And like all the Dollhouse Dollies is only 100L
Will you Please help us :)

And I thank you, from the bottom of my heart for if nothing more,
your time that you took to read about her.

slurl to dollhouse-http://slurl.com/secondlife/Kaseo/84/134/24

Ravenlynn Templar

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