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Posted by : RavenLynn Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The lingerie store is a thing of the past, so I needed something to fill the hole.
I always have had a soft spot for the cutesy kawaii art on t shirts,lunch boxes,what have you. And at one time indulged myself and had the "Neko Tails " shop hold on that type of merchandise. Well,I'm bringing it back,new and improved and just as squishy and cute as the first time. New brand,better art,lower prices!

Check out whats at Crunchy Roll rt now!

kAwaii Lunch Boxes!
You get two lunch boxes,one with a holding animation that works with ao's (worked with mine and mine usually causes massive havoc with anything) And one for displaying purposes,click the lid and it pops open to reveal a sandwich , chips,a banana, and a soda.nom!

And fun cute pjs only 50L a set ^_^

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