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Ravenlynn began dabbling in digital art and photo manipulation in the Spring of 94 upon her parents purchase of a first family computer .After constant requests for help, she was seated in front of the computer to learn the ins and outs of photoshop and other programs alone by her younger brother.

The years that followed found Ravenlynn being led by a friend into the world of virtual online games, where she plunged into the career of designing clothing, art,and novelties .

Tucked under her virtual belt Ravenlynn has been a part of designing content for an array of players. Beginning with a freelance clothing site for custom content for The Sims for a year before moving into the online world of There.com in June of 2003.

Within There.com Lvs and Co was born. Though faced with many limits within a
heavy "G" rated social game. Ravenlynn was able to explore many different aspects of
content creating.

Within There.com's small virtual world not only did Ravenlynn
establish her design house, but shared her first taste of virtual game celebrity fame with her
still bestfriend of 10 years,RavenTresses.

The friends bought the first ever "playboy playmateish"
content into the  game by introducing the new social group "The Devil's Playmates" into
 the online game.

The Devil's Playmates allowed Ravenlynn to experiment with an array of new templates.
Not only was Ravenlynn making clothing,but also furniture and vehicles for the first time.

 Ravenlynn's content soon stretched across the virtual game,and into real life,as girls were able to purchase real life clothing,and other items,based on the virtual group "The Devil's Playmates"

Girls within the game were also allowed to send in "applications" requesting to be a part of the social group.
This also gave these players the  opportunity to be selected to be in the new wave of Virtual Pinup Art that rapidly became a very popular collector items despite bending the "rules" of the game.

As the year closed Ravenlynn begin to experience trouble from the content approval board due to the nature of her portraits,and begin receiving deny notices for the very popular pinup portraits,
stamped as to adult,Ravenlynn began to have portraits,that had been originally approved removed from the marketplace,and removed out of world. As quickly as The Devil's Playmates had been established,the Playmates seemed to be being removed.

Constantly looking for challenges and new worlds to explore and create for she landed in Second Life on August 4,2004 .

Instantly enamored by Secondlife's embrace of all content,from moderate to adult Ravenlynn
immediately retired from There.com.

Once more Ravenlynn began designing clothing for  LVS & Co, Lvs &co would become and remain exclusive to Secondlife.

Ravenlynn has happily been in the world of digital art for 20 + years.

Over the years,extending her talents in art,clothing,photography,animations,light scripting,and voice work.

On August 2016 Ravenlynn will be celebrating her 12 year anniversary of being a Content Creator in Secondlife.

Ravenlynn's design houses include..

LvS &Co
LVS Kids
Kitty Noir
retired stores
My Dead Kitty
The Dollhouse
Happily Ever After
Princess Couture
Crunchy Roll
Fae Diddle Diddle
The Happy Housewife

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