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----------Please read before you contact me---------
To those customers I have spoken with, who are simply a delight.Thank you,you remind me why I do this every day.With all my heart.Thank you

If you need additional help,and can't find the answers here.
Please contact Mesostopheles Gascoigne in world via notecard.

I bought a gown from Lvs &co, but changed my mind, can I get a refund?

Both Lvs & co and M.G. Design items are NO TRANSFER
Which means  cash REFUNDs or EXCHANGES can not be given.

New to SL and don't understand why?
Keep reading :)

No transfer items in Second Life once bought,are no longer able to be given back or away.
Therefore making refunds impossible because you can not return the items to the designer.

Still confused,it's ok.
Best way to understand ,it to imagine,trying to make a return to a Department Store in real life,without actually having the garment in your hands to give back to the store.
Because you can not "exchange or give the item back" A refund would be impossible.

Same principle in SecondLife, though you have it in your inventory,you are not able to make an exchange. Be it for linden refund or another item.

What do I put in the note card for customer service.

Simple! :D

Be sure it is done with a notecard!Content Creators,usually always have their instant messages capped.
Which means, they no longer can receive messages,so even though you sent it, they never receive it.

Because of this we ask you send all customer service issues to Mesostopheles Gascoigne.

On your note card subject write-your name-customer service

On the inside of the note card
your name
transaction information
brief explanation of the problem

-you must have transaction information We can not begin to help you until I have this information.
Remember we talk to many people a day,many transactions go through, or we make our own orders,so to make sure we help you quickly,be sure and have that information ready to go in your note card :)

How do I buy or send a gift from LVS & co or M.G. Designs?

To give an item from Lvs & Co as a gift go to

To give an item from M.G. Designs as a gift go to

I want a custom Wedding Gown, will Lvs be able to do that for me?

I'm afraid we do not do the actual "wedding gown" for SL.
I did in the past, and may make "off the rack" wedding gowns,
but I no longer do custom dresses.Simply do not have the time, to commit to such a special
event and give the attention ,one on one ,I think such a project deserves.

We do however do custom bridesmaids,flowergirls,ring bearer and groomsmen attire.
And currently have some on marketplace to purchase "off the rack"

What is off the rack?
It is simply a term to describe,a garment that is available to the public in mass quantities :)

How do I work for Lvs & co and M.G.Designs?
Currently we do not need models at this time.
Lvs&co and M.G.Designs is not accepting applications for bloggers.
However we will keep you on file.So feel free to fill our our application.

To apply see front page for application form :)

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